Investor Relations


Election of Directors 2016

  1.       Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting to be held on June 27, 2016 

2.       Form of Proxy – In English

3.       Form of Proxy – In Urdu

4.    List of Shareholders and their addresses as on May 20, 2016

5.    Notice Under Section 178(4) (English & Urdu)

6.    * Profiles of the Contesting Candidates (As received from candidates)

              1.Mr. Aizaz Mansoor Sheikh

              2.Mr. Nadeem Atta Sheikh

              3.Mrs. Hafsa Nadeem

              4.Mr. Muhammad Atta Tanseer

              5.Mr. Muhammad Rehman Sheikh

              6.Mrs. Shahnaz Aizaz

              7.Ms. Aminah Aizaz Sheikh

              8.Mrs. Hijab Tariq

              9.Mr. Hassan Tariq

*Company has not verified contents of the profiles.

7.   Detail of Proxies (24/06/2016)